When should a brides start shoping for her dress?

When should a brides start shoping for her dress?

When should a brides start shoping for her dress?. Mobile Image

Oct 24, 2022



Happy summer! Summer welcomes us with a little bit of rest here at The Dress. After a busy engagement season full of new brides ready to shop, we usually hit a little lull come May/June. To be honest, a little down time can be kind of nice to allow us more time to get creative and plan for the next busy season ahead. It also allows us to answer commonly asked questions we get from brides who are thinking about starting their shopping journey. This blog post will answer one of the most common questions we get from brides: when should I start shopping?


The short answer to this question is whenever you feel ready. If your big day is still a year and a half out but you love the current styles you’re seeing local boutiques post on social media and you’re excited to ‘say yes’ to your wedding dress, then book your appointment and find your gown! It is never too early as long as you feel ready to commit to your dress and being comfortable with never needing to dress shop again.



While some brides feel ready years ahead of time, we know others only start to feel comfortable with the idea of shopping for their dress with only several months to spare. Luckily, most of our designers have rush shipping options allowing us to get a dress in as soon as 10 weeks rather than our standard five to seven months, so if you’re a bride with a tighter timeline, don’t panic. Get in touch with us and we can talk through your options. If your timeframe doesn’t accommodate our ordering timelines, then we are more than happy to help you find ‘off the rack’ bridal stores nearby that can work with you.


Overall, we tell brides inquiring about when they should be dress shopping that the sweet spot for ordering their gown is 10-12 months out from their wedding. That allows for the five to seven months our designers take to get us a gown and for the average three months it takes for a seamstress to fine tooth any alterations needed on the dress. Our true response to this loaded question is we want this to be a magical and memorable part of your entire wedding planning experience, so do it on your terms to ensure it becomes one of your most favorite days. Whenever you’re confident and excited about having your ‘say yes to the dress’ experience, invite your most supportive crew, visit our website and book your appointment. We cannot wait to meet you and have the best time finding a dress you cannot stop dreaming about!