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Bridal Veils

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Nov 17, 2022



A veil is like the icing on a cake for a bride. It really is a magical moment placing a veil on a bride’s head after finding the dress of her dreams, and, of course, we love the big smiles and happy tears that come along with it. While we understand a veil is not every bride’s cup of tea, we urge each bride we have the pleasure of working with to at least try it because you really never know how much you could love the look and feel like a bride until you put one on. There are so many different styles of veils that you really can find one as unique as you that is also a perfect pairing to your gown.


We are so lucky to work one one one with our brides allowing them to put full trust in us. That includes trusting us to pick out the perfect veil for them after saying yes to their dress! While styling a bride is our favorite part of our job, it really does all fall back on personal preference. We truly believe that any length can be partnered with any silhouette. To get you familiar with your options, we wanted to share photos of the different veils lengths we have in store below.





First we have the Fingertip length veil. This veil typically falls about hip length and can come in various cuts. This veil, Maui by Veil Trends, has a cascading cut that creates a beautiful frame around the body.


The next length is the Waltz length veil. This falls at the mid-calf allowing for an elongating look without hitting the floor. This Malis Henderson veil is a popular one amongst our staff and our brides. It has beautiful crystal beading around the edges that perfectly complements any sparkle on your gown.


We also have a Chapel length veil which falls to the floor and trails shortly behind you. This pearl option by Veil Trends is a stunning Chapel length veil with a blusher to wear over the face or keep behind you for a gorgeous layered look.


Lastly, we have the Cathedral length veil. This veil is our longest option and will fall behind you, many times past your gown’s train. This style by Essense Designs features gorgeous bold lace around the bottom edge of the veil and trickles up the sides. With more simple bridal gowns becoming more popular, this adds a fun statement to a clean train. Whether you’re in a ballgown or mermaid, you really can pull off any length of veil. Try each length to decide what looks the most like you then nail down the rest of the details for your wedding day look! We cannot wait to help you along the way! xoxo